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Article: Yellow and Rose Gold: What’s The Difference?

Yellow and Rose Gold: What’s The Difference?

Yellow and Rose Gold: What’s The Difference?

Jewellery elevates any and every outfit, and nowadays, there are so many styles, designs and metals to choose between. Whether you’re looking for statement chunky rings, dainty diamond necklaces or stackable studs and hoops, these will be available in sterling silver, solid gold, rose gold and more. All of which complement most people. Amongst these metals are two of the more popular options: yellow gold and rose gold. But what’s the difference? Both exude elegance and are appealing to the eye; however, what sets these two apart, what are their characteristics, and what should we be looking out for when picking between them? Let’s find out!

What Is Yellow Gold?

With warm hues and feelings of rich luxury, yellow gold is a traditional choice for jewellery lovers, becoming an undying favourite for all ages. These durable and timeless pieces provide a much-loved glow thanks to their combined composition of pure gold and mixed metals like copper. Coming from a background of wealth, success, and prosperity, yellow gold jewellery is often chosen for gifting and celebration. There are many pieces that are perfect for these special occasions, including a subtle pendant necklace for a twenty-first birthday or a statement solitaire engagement ring for a special partner. This versatile material will effortlessly complement most styles and is also offered in an array of designs and sizes, making it the popular option for generations to come.

What Is Rose Gold

Rose gold has become increasingly popular in recent years, adorning many looks with its beautiful blush hue. This gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, is loved by many for being able to compliment lots of skin tones. With its warm, rosy tint and deeper gold tones, this romantic style of jewellery offers more than just an aesthetic appeal. This shade is often associated with love and passion, making it a popular choice for those looking at jewellery for sentimental moments - such as an engagement or wedding. If you’re looking for a distinctive dress-up or dress-down piece with yet a timeless look to add to your jewellery collection, this could be the one for you.

So, Whats The Difference?

While both yellow and rose gold are equally as popular in the modern day, they each have distinct qualities, appearances and characteristics that differentiate them. These will also appeal to different people based on style, preferences and skin tone. Here are a few things that set them apart:


The metals found within yellow and rose gold vary from one another. Whereas yellow gold typically contains a mix of gold, copper, and zinc, your rose gold pieces will contain a higher percentage of copper, resulting in its rosy tint.

Colour Palettes

The colours of these two jewellery metals will work best for you depending on your style, skin tone, other accessories and, of course, your personal preference. While many people love sticking with a theme, choosing just one - some consider mixing the two. Yellow gold suits many individuals with its radiant, golden hue, while the soft, romantic blush of rose gold pieces compliments fairer complexions.


In terms of design, classic yellow gold jewellery is available in many forms, from dainty gemstone bands to simple, timeless pendants and remains popular amongst all ages and genders. On the other hand, pieces such as rose gold hoops and vintage-inspired rose gold rings can add a contemporary element to an outfit, making it more sought after by the younger generation and women.

Which Gold Is Right For You?

This really does come down to personal preference, and ultimately, the choice is yours. That being said, there will be some deciding factors that you can take into consideration when choosing future pieces for your jewellery box.

Think about your personal style - what do your outfits say about you? If you love chic, old-money looks, then opting for yellow gold will compliment this beautifully. Alternatively, if dressing in dark colours and contemporary styles is what you feel most comfortable in, why not try incorporating rose gold into the look? While most jewellery can work with various fashion choices, there will always be a specific finish that makes an outfit pop.

Another factor to consider is the occasion in which you will be wearing these pieces. For nights out with friends or dinner with family, you may like to add an element of flair to the evening with a statement rose gold necklace. However, for those more formal occasions, be that a job interview or wedding, yellow gold could make all the difference!

Whether selecting pieces for a loved one, a friend or yourself, considering skin tone, preferred aesthetic, and the occasion on which it will be worn will enable you to pick out rings, earrings, necklaces and more that can be worn and cherished for years to come.

So whichever metal you choose, be it yellow gold, rose gold or something else, ensure you wear it with confidence.

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