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hoops & huggie earrings

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luxury range

14k solid gold

Hexagon rough diamond ringHexagon rough diamond ring
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Hexagon rough diamond ring

Epoxy heart earringsEpoxy heart earrings
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Epoxy heart earrings

Epoxy heart barbellEpoxy heart barbell
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Epoxy heart barbell

Bold huggie earring (7 sizes)Bold huggie earring (7 sizes)
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Bold huggie earring (7 sizes)

From £80
Cubic oval huggie earringsCubic oval huggie earrings
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Cubic oval huggie earrings

Volume oval ringVolume oval ring
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Volume oval ring

Chain necklace (2 types)Chain necklace (2 types)
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Chain necklace (2 types)

From £185
Double textured twirl ringDouble textured twirl ring
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Double textured twirl ring



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