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Article: The Golden Touch: 4 Types of Gold Jewelry to Know Today

gold jewelry

The Golden Touch: 4 Types of Gold Jewelry to Know Today

Nowadays, it could be difficult to shop for gold jewelry. While choosing the right design is important, it is not sufficient. You must also select high-quality gold jewelry that fits your exact preferences.

Gold is pricey, but not all gold jewelry is. A jewelry salesman may inquire whether you like gold plating or gold vermeil. Gold-filled jewelry is more expensive than solid gold jewelry. Before making a purchase, read on to discover the four types of gold jewelry.

Gold Plated

Gold is electroplated or chemically deposited onto copper, nickel, or aluminum, as the name suggests. Gold-plated jewelry is less expensive since it contains less gold. The thickness of the gold layer has an effect on the price of the jewelry. Costume jewelry has a thickness of 1 micron or less. Fine jewelry may have a gold coating of 1-2 microns. Is gold plating corrosive? Yes, especially if the gold plating is thin. This is its primary disadvantage. When this happens, a factory jeweler may quickly replate it.

Gold Vermeil

Vermeil gold is a type of gold plating. A large amount of gold is added to pure or sterling silver. The coating must be 2.5 microns thick and 10ct gold, as required by US law. Does gold vermeil tarnish? Nope. Silver oxidizes. Gold can become tarnished and discolored. When jewelry is exposed to the elements, it can tarnish. Cleaning with a gentle cloth on a regular basis protects plating and prevents discoloration.


Unlike gold vermeil, gold-filled jewelry does not have a gold coating. Instead, a thick gold sheet is pressure-bonded to base metalcore. The metal must have one-twentieth, or 5%, of its entire weight in gold to be gold-filled. This is why 1/20 gold-filled coins exist. 5 to 10 times the thickness of gold-plated materials. These things should last between 10 and 30 years.

Gold jewelry will tarnish with time. Extreme sulfide exposure, such as nail salon fumes, could blacken gold.

Solid Gold

Gold jewelry is the highest quality and most expensive. "Solid" is a typo. Pure gold is highly delicate and costly to produce. Gold is mixed with other metals to increase strength and durability. The price of an alloy is influenced by its gold content. Price is affected by the gold content.

How can the gold content of jewelry be determined? Karats denote the purity of gold. The purest gold is 24-karat. 1 karat is made up of one part gold and 23 parts another metal. 18 karats symbolize 18 parts gold, and the rest is metal.

Understanding the Differences

Pure gold jewelry is excellent. Its significance will last for many decades. Because the gold is not a coating, it will not fade. It does not tarnish. It can be sold during economic downturns.

Vermeil and gold-filled are both the better alternatives to gold. They are great for metal-sensitive people who cannot afford pure gold. Gold-filled jewelry has a longer lifespan. It is corrosion-resistant. Rarely.

Gold vermeil jewelry tarnishes as its shine fades. To last, gold-filled jewelry must be properly cared for. This gold jewelry is less pricey. The base metal of silver improves the durability of jewelry. A worn finish is easily restored.

The cost of gold plating is lower compared to vermeil. This sort of gold jewelry tarnishes quickly, making it difficult for people who are allergic to metals to wear. Gold vermeil jewelry is more pricey, but it's a better buy if you're seeking a cheap piece.

The Greatness of Gold

Solid gold jewelry can be passed down through generations. Pieces with a gold finish are ideal for everyday wear.

With that said, it is beneficial to be well-informed before making a purchase. Knowing the four types of gold jewelry can help you choose the best selection for you, your skin, and your budget. You will not be disappointed in your choice of a gold ring, necklace, and other jewelry. It would help to avoid purchasing mistakes. Choosing the best one may make diamonds and gemstones look amazing.

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