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Article: 5 Stud Earrings You Can Add to Your Fine Jewellery Collection

woman wearing a stud earring

5 Stud Earrings You Can Add to Your Fine Jewellery Collection

Gone are the days when studs were dismissed as 'uninspiring,' 'boring,' or 'old-fashioned' by the fashion and jewelry audiences. They were often thought to be practical and unattractive, but the lobe has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

We're calling it: stud earrings are the summer jewelry trend to pay attention to when it comes to contemporary jewellery in London. 

After all, you can't go wrong with a classic design. Studs are the true staples in the jewellery box, defined by an earring that sits on the ear lobe rather than dangling from it.

They're the most common type of earring that any guy or woman would own, and they're known for being simple to wear and pair. They don't get caught in flowing manes as chandelier earrings do, and they don't garner as much looping attention as hoop earrings.

That isn't to say they can't have a good time. We've put together five ways you may rock the stud this season, whether in sets or as strong style statements. 

Classic Stud

A classic stud was probably your first earring, which makes sense because this fuss-free style is ageless and exceedingly easy to wear.

Classic studs usually consist of plain gold or silver studs in their most basic form, but more elaborate versions might include diamonds, jewels, or even symbolic birthstones.

The classic stud is the exquisite fairy godmother of the stud as a style staple, with a sophisticated aesthetic that will always score high on fashionable style points.

Crawler Stud

This is one of the most popular right now. Crawler or climber studs, the punk rock queen of the stud family, have been seen on everyone from Emma Watson to Meghan Markle recently. They have a stud gang vibe but without the commitment, because only one piercing is required. 

The crawler stud, which appears to 'crawl' up the ear, demonstrates that earrings do not always have to drop down; they may also go up and look highly fashionable. The crawler stud is far from the original but gives the utmost in coolness, with ornate foliate motifs or keeping it simple with sleek silver and diamonds.

Initial Stud

As a member of the stud gang, initial studs are a fun way to wear your (or your loved one's) name freshly. Many prominent fashion designers have recently launched earrings that may even spell out complete phrases like Kim Kardashian famously wore 'KW' studs prior to announcing her engagement to Kanye West. 

It's a step up from alphabet letters or word necklaces or pendants, and it's an interesting approach to call attention to them as jewellery in London. 

Statement Stud

While stud earrings are known for being less 'statement' than their drop earring siblings, they may create an impression when done correctly. Statement studs are typically rather massive and button-style, demonstrating that the action does not have to happen beneath the earlobe. 

Many prominent businesses released statement studs with their logos in bold shapes during the logo craze, while others adhered to more abstract forms. Size doesn't necessarily matter; a single stud can be stylish. Why wear one earring when you could have two? Groundbreaking.

Stud Gang

Wearing the stud gang takes a little more thought than the standard stud, but it's well worth it when done correctly. This style consists of many studs and is for folks who have multiple ear piercings and enjoy having fun with them. 

It's a trend that's been quietly gaining traction recently, observed by celebrities and fashionistas alike, and created for individuals seeking a modest but fascinating display of personal style. 

It's all about mixing and matching bright and colorful designs or keeping it simple with a pair of traditional studs. Just remember not to overcrowd—after all, one's company, two's a party, and three's a crowd, as the adage goes.

Stud Earrings as a Style Statement

Stud earrings are those fundamental jewelry pieces that may be found in every woman's jewelry box, whether you're a fan of fine jewellery in London. Stud earrings are a go-to fashion item for plain office jewelry to spectacular party wear accessories. These earrings are a flexible item that can be worn with any event or dress due to their simplicity and elegance. Stud earrings are also excellent for everyday use because they are adaptable and hassle-free.

Nabi London was founded in East London in 2014. Our delicate jewelry is meticulously planned and handcrafted with semi-precious components and lovely pendants. It's then carefully packed and ready to go to a new home. Shop our contemporary jewellery in London today! 

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