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Article: Removing Ball Stud Earrings for Beginners

Ball Stud Earrings

Removing Ball Stud Earrings for Beginners

Is it your first time getting your ears pierced? If so, you have probably settled for ball stud earrings as your only choice. This pair is standard among those getting their ears pierced for the first time since they are the most comfortable earrings to wear.

But how do you exactly remove ball studs? In this article, we will discuss how to do so. However, it’s best to keep in mind these few reminders before you start:

  • Do not let the earring fall onto the floor to avoid losing the stud or the earring itself.
  • Remove the earring by yourself.
  • Make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands thoroughly before removing the earring.
  • Always remove your earrings in a clean and safe place.
  • Do not lend your earrings to other people to prevent spreading infection.
  • Always keep your earrings in a safe case.

Now, you can start removing the ball stud earrings. You will need a pair of tweezers and a small towel for this.

Cleaning the Spot

After washing your hands, soak some tweezers and a towel in warm, soapy water to clean and disinfect the area. Make sure you clean the back of the earring from any traces of earwax. This method will make it easier to remove the earring.

Removing the Earring

Place the tweezers on the back of the earring. Gently pull up and back until the earring is loose.

If the earring is still hanging on the earring hole, gently tilt the earring back and forth until the earring slides out. Now, you can easily remove the earring. However, remember to clean the hole again. You can use a cotton swab to clean the hole gently.

Remember: do not try to forcefully remove the earring as this will just result in more pain or a possible injury. Also, use a towel to protect your finger from getting pricked by the earring.

Replacing With a New Stud

Test the hole size first to see if the new stud fits. Make sure that you do this in a room with good lighting. Once done, you can replace your safety stud with a new one.

When replacing the ball stud, put the new stud on the hole first. Make sure that the ball touches the spot. If it does not, try using flat-nosed pliers. Gently turn the pliers until the earring ball slides into the hole. If you plan to use a new back, gently place it on the earring.

Now, you can gently push the earring back into the ear. If the ball stud is still protruding, you can gently use a ball-point pen to make it back into the hole.

The Best Way to Remove Ball Stud Earrings

If you're still having difficulty removing your ball stud earrings, you can consult a friend who knows how to or take a trip to the local piercing shop. They can teach you a thing or two about removing them.

It’s also crucial to remember that removing your ball studs every time you shower is not always necessary, but it would be best to take them out before bed. Keep the above tips in mind to safely remove your earrings!

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