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Article: Sound Tips to Help Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Sound Tips to Help Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a challenge since the style you see in a display case won't necessarily look good on your finger. With a little bit of guidance, however, you can use the tips below to narrow down your choices so that you can walk away with the perfect ring for your hand. 

Sound Tips to Help Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect engagement ring:

1 - For Long Fingers

If you have long fingers, stick to solitaire rings or ones with a short, single row of diamonds. Multi-stone rings can also be a good option if they're set in wide bands so that they won't appear too bulky on your finger. Long, thin bands that partially wrap around your finger are also a good choice.

2 - For Short Fingers

If you have shorter fingers, multiple stone rings or large solitaires will look better on you. This is because these rings will add width to your fingers and make it look like you have bigger hands. Large diamonds are also a good option for you.

3 - For Wide Fingers

If you have wider fingers, solitaires and multiple diamond rings will be your best bet. A single, wide band can also be good if the ring extends past your knuckle, which will make your hand look smaller.

4 - For Narrow Fingers

If you have narrow fingers, stick to rings that have thinner bands. This will make your hand look longer and slender. Diamonds with a sharp cut will also make your finger look longer. Setting a larger diamond in rings with thin bands can also be good.

5 - For Small Hands

To make your hands look bigger, you should choose rings that are wider, square, or rounded. For a thin band, setting a large diamond or gemstone in it can also make your hand look bigger.

6 - For Big Hands

To make your hands look smaller, stick to narrower bands or rounded or square-shaped rings. Pave-set or channel-set rings are also good. You should also choose thin bands.

7 - For Prominent Knuckles

Large stones or a large, single stone set in a wide band can make your knuckles look smaller. If it's not feasible to make your knuckles look smaller, you can choose rings that are thinner and have a short shank.

Bonus Tip: Get the Right Size!

You might be tempted to choose a ring that's one size bigger or smaller in order to get the right fit. But this can actually have a negative effect on the ring's appearance. For example, choosing a smaller size can make it look like the ring is too tight on your finger, and choosing a bigger size can make it look like the ring is too loose.

Creating your own engagement ring is a fun way to express your love for your partner. It's also an eye-catching way of showing how you feel about each other. With the tips above, it won't be hard to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

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