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Article: What Are the 10 Different Types of Necklace Chains?

Necklace Chains

What Are the 10 Different Types of Necklace Chains?

Necklace chains are an attractive accessory for men and women. In fact, you can say it's a staple in any jewelry wardrobe. The good thing about jewelry chains is that there are so many different types to choose from. No matter what look you're going for, there is a chain style that would work well.

This is a pretty basic piece of jewelry to have in your collection. You can wear it on its own or layer it with other pieces. We've put together a breakdown of the different types of necklace chains you can choose from.

1. Link Chain

A link chain is a piece of jewelry that is created from a series of connected circular links. This is a very popular chain for men and women, especially when the links are fairly small.

This style of chain is available in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses. Depending on the design and material, these chains can range in price.

2. Box Chain

A box chain is another type of chain that is made up of a series of small links. Unlike a link chain, the links in a box chain are rectangular-shaped.

The links in a box chain tend to be a bit smaller than those found in a link chain and have an overall unique appearance. This

3. Ball Chain

A ball chain is very similar to a link chain, but the links are oval-shaped instead of circular. This gives it a much smoother look to it.

You can find ball chains in varying sizes, from very thin to very thick. These chains are very popular for use with pendants or charms.

4. Cable Chain

A cable chain is made up of two-strand wires that are twisted together and then soldered to create a chain.

Each strand is soldered together and then twisted to create a thick wire. This continues to alternate and is soldered at both ends for reinforcement.

These chains are a bit on the heavier side and are commonly used for men's jewelry designs. They are a very popular chain style for use in men's bracelets.

5. Snake Chain

Snake chains are also called "folded" chains. These chains are made up of many loops of wires that are weaved into each other. They are then soldered together at both ends.

These chains have an interesting look to them and are very stylish when worn. They are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and finishes.

6. Cord Chain

Cord chains are similar to rope chains in the fact that they feature many loops of wire that are intertwined together. However, it doesn't have the same braided look as the rope chain. Instead, the links are shown individually.

These chains tend to be heavier than most, and usually have a more rugged and casual look to them, but are a great addition to your jewelry stash. They are available in many sizes.

7. Rope Chain

A rope chain is similar to a cable chain with some differences. A rope chain features three or more strands that are twisted together or interwoven to create a braided look. Rope chains won't feature any clasp in the middle and usually don't have a clasp on

The strands are then hammered flat, creating a thicker chain. These chains are

8. Figaro Chain

A figaro chain has two oval-shaped strands that are twisted together. These strands are visible on either side of the chain.

The strands are made up of many small links and are woven together, similar to a rope chain. These chains are available in a variety of sizes and are very popular. They are perfect for people who want a thicker chain.

9. Rolo Chain

Rolo chains are a variation of cable chains. They have circular links with rounded edges but with flat or sometimes round surfaces inside. These links alternate and are soldered together at both ends.

Rolo chains are often used for heavy necklaces since the links can accommodate a lot of weight.

10. Wheat Chain

Wheat chains are made up of four v-shaped links interwoven together, creating a unique pattern just like an intricate wheat stalk. These chains are very popular in antique jewelry, especially in Victorian times.

Choose From a Variety of Necklace Chains

There are many different types of necklace chains that you can choose from. Depending on your style and look, you can pick the perfect chains that work well for you.

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