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Article: How to Buy the Right Necklace for Your Significant Other


How to Buy the Right Necklace for Your Significant Other

Jewellery is often a go-to gift for a significant other - whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion. But you can't just buy the first necklace you see and call it a day. You have to put some thought into it to really show your significant other how special they are to you.

Make Sure the Necklace Fits the Occasion

You can't just buy a necklace because you think it's pretty. It's a necklace, which means it's worn around the neck. You have to make sure it matches your significant other's personality and style. Whether you're shopping for an anniversary, birthday, or just an "I love you" necklace, there are some things you should keep in mind.

For an anniversary, try to go for something sentimental. Your significant other will appreciate something important in your relationship, like a symbol of your first date, or maybe even a cross, if your significant other is religious.

For a birthday, you could go for something more casual and playful, like the gift with which you started your relationship.

For an "I love you" necklace, you should be sure to get something that your significant other would like and wear.

Consider the Type of Metal and Finish

Not all metals are created equal. Some are soft, while others are stronger and last longer. Some are subtle, while others are bold. And some are extremely expensive. Silver is often a good pick for an anniversary. It's affordable yet brings depth to a piece of jewellery. Rose gold is great for a birthday. It's also affordable, but a little bit more fancy and stylish.

Pick a Design That Suits Their Personality

It's possible that your significant other has a favourite style of necklace - maybe it's delicate, maybe it's big and bold, or maybe it's plain and dainty. Whatever their style may be, you should take it into consideration when picking out a necklace. You want to make sure it's flattering and that it works with your significant other's body type.

Take into Account the Length and Thickness of the Chain

The length and thickness of the chain are important, too. The necklace's chain should be long enough to let them show off their neck. And it can't be too long, either, because it'll be uncomfortable. Generally, a chain that's 18-19 inches long will work well.

The chain can also make or break a piece of jewellery. If the chain is too thick, then it'll look bulky and awkward. It should be thin enough to be dainty and feminine but not too thin where it becomes too delicate.

Consider Getting It Engraved

If your significant other is the kind of person who wears a lot of jewellery, then you should consider getting them an engraved piece. It'll mean that this necklace is special - something that only a select few can wear. Plus, it'll make it all the more personal.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of necklace you choose to get, it'll be special to your significant other. But if you don't put in an effort to get something that's right, then your gift will feel lazy and impersonal. It's important to put some thought into the impact your necklace will have when they see it.

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